Alexis Gallagher

Hello, friend.

At the moment (early 2020) I am taking time off to consider new directions and, you know, to be sure family survives the global covid-19 pandemic. 😓

Got any fun projects you'd like to work on with me? Now's the rare perfect time when I can do that. Please, say hi! I'm interested in ML, in Swift with TensorFlow, and also learning my way around web tech especially for data visualization -- but mainly, just trying something new with friendly people.

Other books and podcasts currently passing through my mind:

One day perhaps this website will flourish forth like a wild garden. But for now, enjoy the austerity of this white page. First, I must find a blogging engine...

If you're looking for something like a professional resume, it's here.

Or maybe you're looking for my old talk on value types? Or why protocols with associated types are a bit painful?